Ilana Sunderland

Ilana Sunderland.jpg

Ilana has a unique style, designing one of a kind articles of beauty. She was first introduced to The House of DKANI over a decade ago, and the friendship blossomed. DKANI sought out Ilana’s assistance in putting design ideas into practice, specifically throughout the creation of The Royal Collection.


DKANI was privileged to be able to procure beautiful emeralds, Burmese rubies , Ceylon and Kashmir sapphires from a network of collectors and European royalty. These exquisite stones formed the basis of the magnificent collection for Comtesse Esther De Lambrey. Ilana was very happy to become part of this inspiring project.


At the age of 19 years old, Ilana discovered the art of luxury jewellery. She began designing bespoke pieces with precious gems and metals for celebrities and the ultra-wealthy.

In the 33 years that followed, Ilana has had the privilege of working with the world’s top international designers. In 2008 and 2009, WWD welcomed Ilana into the winner’s circle for New York Fashion Week. Also, Vogue, GC, and many of the world’s top fashion publications have written wonderful reviews about her designs.


Ilana’s father Maurice, always asked for her insights on his interior design projects and architectural inspirations. Art and fashion projects were part of their very special father and daughter bond.


Maurice was filled with positivity, dreams, and enthusiasm for the good of mankind, animals, and artistic endeavours. His passionate purposes were passed onto Ilana and her love for life and all-encompassing appreciation of God, people, animals, and creativity. Maurice was the greatest father, role model, and mentor throughout Ilana’s life.


Maurice Sunderland’s words of wisdom before his passing, were to “Do things right the first time. Do one thing extremely well by giving your work 100% of your best effort. Then move onto the next project when everything is absolutely complete”.


With those words in mind, in 2010, as a very proud British citizen, Ilana moved to London where she signed a contract with the world’s largest prostate cancer charity, Prostate Action. This is where Ilana had the privilege to work with Allan Bennett, the king of bespoke tailoring in Saville Row. They began to develop new bespoke pleated suits to honour Maurice Sunderland, who was one of the millions of great men who have passed on from this

life-threatening cancer.


In 2012, following a move back to Canada, Ilana was blessed by God with the gift of new artistic endeavours. This has enabled her to develop luxurious and bespoke jewellery pieces for royalty and prestigious collectors.